Recruiting Information

Seeking new members to join our team!

SL Medevac is now looking for new members for our grid-wide rescue team. Located inForesta (our headquarters) we are dispatched via the SL Emergency Management Agency. We respond to all air and sea rescues as well as provide medical transportation services. All of our pilots and staff are all fully trained in the latest rescue techniques.

We are not affiliated with the Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) however we do work with them on occasion.

For more information grab an info kit from our Headquarters or feel free to message one of the following:
Carla Laville

Cale Solo

Donald Rimgale

In world stations:

We're looking to expand!

We're always looking to expand our coverage area. If you own an airport or a marina or even a private or public sim and feel you need fire, emergency medical services, or water rescue please feel free to contact us. We can establish anywhere from a minimalist base at your location to a complete rescue operations center. For more information please contact Firelands Rural Fire District Chief Carla Laville (carlalynn2003.laville) directly.

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