Apparatus and equipment

SL MedEvac has undergone a lot of changes since it was founded in 2013. Currently, our main base of operations is located at the Foresta Harbor Community on the Blake Sea.

Some of our watercraft in the Foresta Harbor

RB/M-36 Response boat, medium

RB/M-FD aka "Kristin"
MDRC-04 the Elyria
 We also use a wide variety of aircraft.

Some shots of years gone by...old equipment and stations..

ALS Resque Squad 799 and Rescue / EScort N709ME
Day room and radio room
Single bed Rapid Response Emergency Room
Rescue 701 (N701ME) is a 2012 S&W HH65-C Dolphin

Rescue 703 (N703ME) is a 2011 S&W EC-145

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