About Us

Welcome to the official home of the SL Medevac Search & Rescue Team. We are located in the virtual world of Second Life and respond to air, sea, and land rescue calls. Our staff is made up of real world firefighters, EMT's, paramedics, first responders, and other former or currently active emergency services personnel. Located in the scenic Raimondo sim is our main headquarters. Station Two is located at the Antigahli Regional Airport. We have a lot of rescue equipment at our disposal. We communicate and dispatch through a virtual world radio system called the Grid-talkie. Our primary area of response is known as the Blake Sea Region, however we will respond to any emergency anywhere on the grid. On Gridtalkie: ***We monitor Ch. 16-MARINE, Ch. 9-EMERGENCY*** Our dispatch channel is Ch. 565

We are currently recruiting. If you "live" in the virtual world of Second Life and are interested you may contact us for an application packet.

Email: SLMedevac@gmail.com

Inworld contacts:
Carla Laville (carlalynn2003.laville)
Cale Solo
Stephen McCaffery (itsminime.resident)