Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our stations (updated)

We had a few ups & downs and as such made some changes. However, we seem to be "perking up" again finally. Here are some photos of our stations as of Sept. 22 2013.....

Station 1 (our Headquarters) is home to several things. The beach area shown below houses our rescue boats (and my home as well).

On the "upper" level we have the air rescue headquarters.

And the new Raimondo Trauma Center. all second Life agencies are encouraged to fly or transport victims here.

Station 2: is still located at the Antilaghi Regional Airport and is home to two rescue helicopters and a small office / day room space. It is one of our "outpost" stations.

Station 3: is the SL Medevac Fire Department. Housing a wide variety of fire equipment as well as two search and rescue helicopters.

Station 4: The Captive Desires Fire Department. Landlocked on a homestead sim CDFD provides fire and rescue services for the residents there, (More coming on this station soon as well as apparatus photos)

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