Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to the official home of the SL Medevac Search & Rescue Team

     Welcome to the official home of the SL Medevac Search & Rescue Team. We are located in the virtual world of Second Life and respond to air, sea, and land rescue calls. Our staff is made up of real world firefighters, EMT's, paramedics, first responders, and other former or currently active emergency services personnel.

     Located in the scenic Raimondo sim is our main headquarters. Station Two is located at the Antigahli Regional Airport.

     We have a lot of rescue equipment at our disposal. We communicate and dispatch through a virtual world radio system called the Grid-talkie. Our primary area of response is known as the Blake Sea Region, however we will respond to any emergency anywhere on the grid.

On Gridtalkie:
***We monitor Ch. 16-MARINE, Ch. 9-EMERGENCY***
Our dispatch channel is Ch. 565

Station One Equipment:

HH 65-C Medevac "Rescue-701"

Airwolf Medevac "Rescue-702"

EC 145 Medevac "Rescue-703"

RB M 45 Medevac "Rescue-704" (SAR Boat)

Firehawk Medevac "Rescue-705"

Jayhawk Medevac "Rescue-706" (pictured with Rescue-703)

Seahawk Medevac "Rescue-707" (pictured with Rescue-705)

2013 Ford F-450 Super Duty "Pro Street" Rescue "Squad-799"

Station Two Equipment:

EC 145 Medevac "Rescue-713"

Firehawk Medevac "Rescue-715"

SL Medevac Personnel- Officers:

(3700) Capt. Carla Laville SAR / FF/ EMT-P (ALS / PALS)
Firefighter III-A (Instrucrtor certified) 

(3701) 1st Lieutenant Cale Solo
Confined Space Rescue / Rope Rescue Station 2 Duty Officer / OIC stationed at Antilaghi Regional Airport

(3702) 2nd Lieutenant Stephen "Bull" McCaffery
Training Officer / Water Rescue / Ice Rescue / K9-SAR & USAR

(3703) SLCG-Master Chief Petty Officer Lez Charisma (Liason Officer)

(3704) SLCG-Oceanic Commanding Officer Preston Bowers

(3705) SLCG-Oceanic Executive Officer Sam Bluepaw

(3706) T.B.A.

(3707) T.B.A. 

(3708) T.B.A. 

(3709) T.B.A. 

 SL Medevac Personnel- SAR Team Members:

(3710) Flora - Probationary

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