Saturday, August 17, 2013

Search & Rescue- lost expedition (Anton- Sansara)

While on SAR boat training with new probationary member Debbie Wei we received a distress call:

 [17:07] :: :{#16-MARINE} BonnieCat : see an Coast Guard boat. but I can not go towards it. Ice is unstable. changing

[17:07] :: :{#16-MARINE} 3702 Lt. Bull McCaffery (itsminime ): SL Medevac Rescue 701 enroute
[19:47:27] Debbie Wei: [17:02] :: :{#16-MARINE} Shakespeare Shamrock: uk sar this si tiny cgr come in please
[17:03] :: :{#16-MARINE} Shakespeare Shamrock: sophie you there
[19:47:48] Debbie Wei: [16:57] :: :{#16-MARINE} BonnieCat : I have a flare gun. I am launching red light signals
[19:47:58] Debbie Wei: [16:53] :: :{#16-MARINE} BonnieCat : my GPS. This broken. but my last reading was located about Amundsen
[19:48:09] Debbie Wei: : :{#16-MARINE} BonnieCat : I need help. I blocked. on an iceberg. change
[16:51] :: :{#16-MARINE} Shakespeare Shamrock: what sim are you in
[16:51] Debbie Wei: iceberg?
[16:51] Carla Laville: we can tow
[16:51] :: :{#16-MARINE} SAR UK - S.O. Sophie Redwood (Sophieredwood ): where is your location please bonnie

SAR UK (Tiny) and SAR UK also joined in but went AWOL halfway through the search. Victim was recovered by Lt. McCaffeery and new team member Debbie Wei. transported to SLCG-Anton (unmanned base nowadays apparently).

CO Powers transported in the CGAS ambulance. Search continued for approximately 2 hours real time.

SLCG was hailed repeatedly for assistance without success. Search called off with 4 reported missing victis due to weather at 19:37

-Capt. Laville

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