Saturday, August 31, 2013

Burn training at Captive Desires

Members of the newly formed Captive Desires Fire Dept. joined with the Chief from Claremont Fire & Rescue for a little mutual aid training. We fired up the burn tower on it's most difficult setting and had over a dozen fires going at once. We got to practice drafting from a Linden lake as well as hydrant and ladder operations. Claremont's Chief brought their snorkel too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aw crap!

Tonight's training got a bit out of hand as you'll see below.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Minor MVA up the street from the new fire station

No one was hurt and we transported the victim back to the station for an examination. She was released shortly after Lt. Solo was finished with her.

Pump and fire attack training

Lt. Solo and Capt. Laville worked on pump operations, aerial deployment, and of course interior attack at the new burn simulator at the fire station tonight.

SL Medevac Fire & Rescue (aka Station 4)

Our new Station 4 is the fire station. Located in Rannels it has the following units stationed here:
Engine-791 (mini pumper / brush truck)
Rescue-797 (heavy rescues, MVA's, and structure fires)
Squad-798 (ACLS ambulance)
Squad-799 (ACLS / PALS / PALCS ambulance)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Training with new Tower-793

I tried out Tower-793 tonight what a truck! And Chief Mark Holt from the Claremont Fire Dept. was right...the HD Fire System rocks! I actually had fun!

Tanker-792 on scene

First I tried a simple brush fire. That just whet my appetite so I moved onward....

With a 1.75" I stormed the castle and attacked 

Ok why did I buy Tower-793 again? Oh yes...just for this kind of fire!

Monday, August 19, 2013

New fire apparatus

Adding to the SL Medevac fleet we have two new engines and of course rescue squad 799

Engine 791 is a 2013 HD NextGen
500 gallon water tank
1500 gallon foam tank
2- 5" inlets
2- 5" discharges
5 -1.75" discharges
1500 GPM
175 GPM front mount bumper nozzle
Pump & roll capable

Tanker 792 is a 2013 HD NextGen
3000 gallon water tank
2-5" intakes
2-5" discharges
4-1.75" discharges
1 rear mount dump chute
1500 GPM

Engine 795 is also a 2013 HD NextGen
1000 gallon water tank
2500 gallon foam tank
2-5" intakes
2-5" discharges
4-2.5" discharges

Squad 798 is a 2014 HD NextGen
BLS / ALS equipped
Power cot lift
Fully integrated ALS equipment
12 lead LifePak 12 

Squad 799 is a 2013 ProStreet ALS Ambulance
BLS / ALS equipped
Stryker power cot
Power cot lift
Fully integrated ACLS equipped
12 lead LifePak 12